Our mission is to enjoy winter one step at a time!

The Bravehearted Snowshoe Series is a free participation, volunteer run group of snowshoe enthusiasts.


We exist solely to promote participation in snowshoe racing/walking to people of all ages and abilities and want you to join us!


While snowshoeing is its own reward, our members also qualify for end of season series awards and prize drawings!



Our name is inspired by the snowshoer known as Braveheart,

Jim McDonell. 

Jim not only organized the series and ran many races, he hand

crafted awards for what was then the Braveheart Snowshoe

Series for 9 years, before retiring form series direction in 2018.

Dave Sykora spent many years helping to run the series, managing

point recording and even hand crafting special awards for our

Mountaineer division.

Tim Zbikowski and Carol Klitzke have been working hard for years for

the sport of snowshoe racing.  Not only did they run the Upper

Midwest Snowshoe Series before it transitioned to Braveheart in

2009, support Jim's new series behind the scenes, and give

guidance to the new leadership team, they also run the ever

popular and helpful snowshoeing

website www.cutemoose.net.

All of  these snowshoe racing pioneers can be met at events and

races across WI and MN, and are part of the current Bravehearted

Snowshoe Series.



Look out for those handsome kilted fellows.


We are incredibly grateful for their dedication to and leadership in our sport!

Jim McDonell.jpg