Earn some bling this season!

You must become a member to participate in our awards program. Membership is absolutely free.

Only events completed after you join will be eligible for season points and awards.

We offer awards for both competitive runners and recreational snowshoeing!


All you have to do is use our online form to report your participation in each event you complete, within one week of event completion.



Each series event that you complete and report gives you 1 participation point and one entry to our all-in prize drawing at the end of the season (including snowshoes, outdoor gear, and a trove of other goodies). 


Participation reports must be submitted within 7 days of the event.


Participants may wear any size and/or style snowshoe provided the snowshoe is no smaller than the minimum requirements of the United Stated Snowshoe Association (USSSA) www.snowshoeracing.com

Only races that are part of the series will count toward awards and prize entries. If there are multiple races for one event or multiple races on the same day, you may do any or all of them, provided you complete and report each race entered.

*Please note, you must register for each race individually, as we do not accept race registrations directly.




For each series event you complete and report, you will be granted 1 participation point.


Complete 5 events in one season and you’ll earn a special award.

Complete 10 events in one season and you’ll earn an even more special award.


The person completing the most events will receive a super special award.






For each timed race you report, you will be granted 1 participation point.


For each same sex race participant that you finish ahead of, you will be granted 1 speed point. 

The person in each Bravehearted division with the most speed points will earn a super special award.


Current Divisions – If participation numbers warrant, we may further divide high point awards by age bracket.

  • Women 5k

  • Women 10k

  • Women Mountaineer

  • Men 5k

  • Men 10k

  • Men Mountaineer

  • Youth 5k

  • Youth 10k

  • Youth Mountaineer

Mountaineer division participants must wear snowshoes no less than 28" in length and carry a pack weighing a minimum of 15 pounds.  If entering an event's mountaineer division, be sure to follow the event's rules.

Youth division participants must be under 18 years of age as of January 1, 2019.

We strongly support youth participation in our sport!


Awards will be sent via mail to those not attending our year-end event. You must be present to win door prizes. There is absolutely no charge to join the group or qualify for awards and prizes.

Below are examples of some of the awards hand crafted by Jim McDonell and Dave Sykora. 

What will this year bring with new leadership and new craftspeople?  Earn yours and find out!

2018 awards
2018 awards

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2011 Awards
2011 Awards

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2017 Award
2017 Award

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2018 awards
2018 awards

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